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The Third and Fourth Generation at Watermark Farm


Each of our foundation mares has left her genetic legacy with wonderful sons and daughters. Many of these young horses went on to acheive exceptional results in both breeding and sport. The best of their offspring were purposefully retained by Watermark Farm for both competition and breeding purposes.

With the advent of freezing semen and harvesting embryos for future use, we are more open to selling some of our best breeding stock. If there is a particular horse that catches your eye, please inquire as we can make arrangements for you to acquire the best of the best of our stock.

Custom foals and embryo sales can also be arranged. Please email Anne for more information.

The Stallions:

Avebury WF

Avebury is currently eventing at the Preliminary Level with Ryan Wood out of Phillip & Evie Dutton's stable.
In 2011, we are targetting him for the *** Level.


Showtime WF

Showtime was sold as a young horse to an AA rider.
He has enjoyed great success in the A Show Hunters here in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Wizard WF

Wizard is a young stallion just embarking on his undersaddle career.
In 2011 he will campaign in the FEI Young Horse classes and at First & Second Level in dressage.



The Mares who have either already joined the breeding herd or will do so in the future.

Amelia WF

Wakanda WF

Dolce Elise WF

Daylily WF

Waterlily WF

Wei WF

Sabrina WF (retired)
Savannah WF (retired)
Abracadabra WF (retired)
Southern Leigh WF (not active in 2014)

Alexis Carrington WF Sabrina WF
savannahtrot2 southernleighwalk
Savannah WF Southern Leigh WF
Wakanda WF Daylily WF
Waterlily WF Dolce Elise WF
Waverleigh WF Wei WF
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