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Frozen Semen with a Live Foal Guarantee
Avebury WF
Wizard WF

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Dressage Royal
Again and Again
Avebury WF
Wizard WF

Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Our stallions are available via Frozen Semen Shipments with a LFG and no blackout dates!!

A 6 dose limited LFG Contract is available for Avebury WF, Waldaire and Wizard WF.

All stallions at Watermark Farm are tested EVA Negative and vaccinated annually.

All stallions are also tested CEM Negative prior to breeding at SBS each year.

Avebury WF and Waldaire have EU approved Frozen Semen available for export to the European Union.

Watermark Farm is the sole distributor for Dressage Royal in North America.

2018 Breeding Fees & Available Discounts

Avebury WF $1200 LFG or $300 per dose

  • Frozen semen available year round at $300 per dose
  • $1200 for LFG Frozen Contract (maximum 6 doses)

Waldaire $1500 LFG

  • Frozen semen available year round for $400 per dose
  • $1500 for LFG Frozen Contract (maximum 6 doses)

Wizard WF $800 LFG or $300 per dose

  • Frozen semen available year round $300 per dose
  • $800 for LFG Frozen Contract (maximum 6 doses)

Dressage Royal $850 per dose

  • Frozen semen available year round $850 per dose
As the exclusive North American agents, Watermark Farm is proud to offer year round high quality, proven Frozen Semen available for distribution in North America via Select Breeders Service.

Adamant $450 per dose

  • Frozen semen available year round $450 per dose

Again and Again $450 per dose

  • Frozen semen available year round $450 per dose

All Frozen Semen contracts will have additional doses available for purchase at the per dose fee. Some discount(s) may apply. Please contact us for more information and details.

So WHAT is a LFG?

Here's how Watermark Farm defines their Live Foal Guarantee:

A LFG applies when

1) the birth of the foal is witnessed by an equine professional or the Purchaser/Mare Owner.  and

2) the Mare Owner/Purchaser’s right to a foal that stands, nurses and passes a veterinary exam within 24 hours of birth.

Download one of our LFG Contracts! (listed below on the right)

No booking fee applies to frozen semen purchases.

No semen shipments will be sent out until payments clear.

Your mare may qualify for one of our Discounts for the Live Foal Guarantee Breedings!

  • Super Saver Early Booking Discount (contract & payment received by 12/1/18) - Save $200 on LFG Contracts!
  • Early Booking (contract & payment received by 1/15/18)– Save $150 on LFG Contracts!
  • United States Pony Club or 4-H: $50
  • Elite, Premium or High Performance Mares: starting at a $100 discount, increases for FEI competitors or producers
  • Return Clients: $50
  • Multiple Mares: $50 Per Mare

Please contact us for more information.

For shipments to Canada - please contact Select Breeders Service (410) 885-3202. It has been recommended to Watermark Farm that our Canadian clients opt to use Frozen Semen to ensure timely delivery. To help keep costs down, you might be able to have your frozen shipment combined with other Canadian customers and stored at the SBS affliate center.

Now accepting Paypal!

Returned checks will require payment of an additional $40.00 to Watermark Farm.

***Frozen Semen distribution is handled by Select Breeders Service, Inc.***

Please contact SBS for all fees and quotes for shipping, handling and packaging of semen.

**Prices subject to change. Please contact SBS for current rates.

Select Breeders Services

Select Breeders Services has an unsurpassed reputation for the quality of their service and expert handling of shipped semen, whether it be fresh cooled or frozen. As a USDA certified facility, Select Breeders requires that all of our stallions are tested for CEM and vaccinated for EVA.

Each collection is closely monitored for quality, adhering to high standards. SBS utilizes the latest computer technologies to ensure there is no human error in semen evaluation. All of these safeguards help ensure that the mare owner will receive a high quality product when it comes time to breed their mare.

All semen collection, handling, packaging and shipping costs will be billed directly by Select Breeders Services. Mare owners must arrange shipping and billing in advance in order to guarantee your right to service in a timely fashion.

Absolutely no collections or shipments of Fresh or Frozen Semen will take place without prepayment of breeding fees and deposits on the shipping container(s).

Select Breeders Services can be contacted by telephone
(410) 885-3202 or via the web: SBS

SBS has also opened a breeders forum for their clients to ask questions and receive answers from some of the top reproductive professionals. Please take a few moments and peruse the new website.

Alternatives to Breeding Your Mare

“Custom foals” can be arranged using one of our broodmares and a stallion of your choosing.*

Please give us a call and discuss your interests. With 40 years of breeding experience we are happy to offer advice for Stallion Matching based on your goal and planned competition path of your special equine partner.

We usually have several mares in foal available for purchase, as well as in-utero foals, young stock and undersaddle horses each year to match your equine dreams. In many cases, buying a horse that is on the ground can be a very good way of avoiding the financial cost and risk that are a normal part of the breeding experience. In purchasing a horse that is already on the ground, a buyer can save money and purchase their dream combination of bloodlines, markings and discipline specific talent.

Embryos may be purchased from the mares of Watermark Farm. Prices start at $2500 and all veterinarian fees will be billed directly to the buyer.

* – with prior written agreement

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Showtime WF

South American Way xx



Outside Stallions (not owned or affiliated with Watermark Farm)
Wolkentanz I

Contracts and Forms

Avebury WF Frozen Semen LFG Contract

Avebury LFG (word)

Waldaire Frozen Semen LFG Contract

Waldaire LFG (word)

Wizard WF Frozen Semen LFG Contract

Wizard LFG (word)

Frozen Semen Per Dose Contract

Frozen Semen Per Dose (word)

Embryo Transfer Contract (pdf)

Mare Breeding Passport

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