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Dressage Royal

The Horse

Watermark Farm is the exclusive agent in North America for Dressage Royal. Our thanks go out to Dorit and Hermann Kothe for allowing us to have access and in turn offer this fantastic stallion to discriminating breeders in North America.

Dressage Royal distinguishes himself not only because of his excellent conformation, his unimpeachable character and his fantastic pedigree, but also through his own performances: high rideability, his basic gaits and his show jumping skills are of exquisite quality. This was confirmed by the testing committee and the test rider. His rideability for dressage was judged with 8.21 points, his show jumping qualities with a straight 8.00 during his stallion testing.

Dressage Royal is fully trained to the Grand Prix level and has tournament success in Germany as a young horse.

FN Studbook Rankings

In 2007 Dressage Royal (age 9) was ranked 15th in the top 1% of all dressage breeding sires in Germany.
In 2008 Dressage Royal (age 10) was ranked 17th in the top 1% of all dressage breeding sires in Germany.
In 2009 Dressage Royal (age 11) was ranked 16th in the top 1% of all dressage breeding sires in Germany.
In 2012, Dressage Royal (age 13) was ranked in the top 50 dressage breeding sires in Germany. His breeding value was assessed at 143 points with a 90-99% security.

Please excuse the gap in record tracking - we will try to keep pace with his statistics moving forward.

In 2018, Dressage Royal was ranked in the Top 10 (7th) of the top 1% of breeding stallions in Germany. His breeding value was 151 points assessed .



Breeding Notes
Dressage Royal is fully approved by the AWR as well as the VhW (German Hanoverian Verband), GOV and Westphalian breeding. The ISR/OLDna has stated that they will grant a Foreign Stallion Breeding Permit with the payment of an additional Fee.

Mare Matching
Dressage Royal consistently adds type, powerful mechanics and engagement and a beautiful face to his offspring. From marelines that are known to produce height, his offspring are often times close to if not over 17 hands, while those from smaller producers are in the 16 hand range. He clearly stamps his colts and fillies with sex type (the girls look like girls and the boys are boys). Their foundation (conformation) is correct. The offspring have been easy and willing to start from the beginning with 3 above average uphill gaits. Their character is exemplary.

The three most commonly used words when describing his offspring: Elastic, Rhythmic, and Uphill.



Offspring Gallery

Offspring For Sale

Frozen Semen Contract


Additional Offspring Photos

Born in 1998
Height: 17.2 hands (175cm)
AWR, VhW, GOV Approved (other registries by request)
90% First Cycle Frozen Semen conception thus far!

Watermark Farm is the exclusive agent for Dressage Royal
North America: Proven Frozen Available
EVA and CEM Negative

For AHS Breeders - A $150 Foreign Sire Fee may apply to each foal.

Photo Gallery


2008 Private Stallion Show


All photographs courtesy of Dorit Kothe.


Video & Links Gallery

Dressage Royal


Damsey Vechta 2012

Doringcourt as a 7 year old

Desperado WCYH 2008
Desperado Auction

Dandy de la Roche

Dream Girl WF
Dreamcatcher WF
Dreamcatcher WF October 2010
Dreamcatcher WF June 2011

Don William WF 2 Year Old
Don William WF Foal Video
Don William WF Aiken 2011Videos
Don William WF July 31, 2011 USEF Four Year Old Test

Daylily WF 2 Year Old
Daylily WF Foal Video

Daylily WF August 18, 2011

Dolce Elise WF Foal Inspection
Dolce Elise WF Foal Footage

Drummond WF Inspection Footage
Drummond WF Foal Footage
Dancing Queen
Don Dressage
Damsey Royal
Don Dressage & Damsey Royal
Donna Daniela
Diva Cordia
Dream Dancer
Diva Grande

Sire - Donnerhall

Dam Sire - Rubinstein

More footage will be added shortly. Alternatively, please check the Watermark Farm Channel as new footage is added every week of our current stock.

Articles from Abroad

World Championship for Young Horses:

2007 Championship
2007 Qualifier
D2008 Qualifier
Coverage of Desperado Winning the World Championship 2008

2009 Qualifier

Carola Koppelmann & Desperado OLD 2012

Vechta Auction Review:

Auction Page
October Elite Auction
and the one in German

Doringcourt in New Zealand

Domestic Young Horse Videos

Don William WF (2007)
Daylily WF (2007)
Dreamcatcher WF (2008)
Dream Girl WF (2008)
Drummond WF (2009)
Dolce Elise WF (2009)


His Heritage

Dressage Royal’s sire is the great dressage stallion, Donnerhall. Donnerhall won the team gold medal and the individual bronze medal during World Championships in Den Haag in 1994, along with achieving many other notable sporting titles throughout his illustrious competition career. Donnerhall is one of the most important stallions worldwide, passing his above-average dressage qualities and cooperative nature on to his offspring. His impact on the dressage horse breeding industry will be felt for many generations as he was extremely prepotent for an amiable temperament combined with an international quality mind.


Dressage Royal’s damsire, the legendary Rubinstein I, also had an exceptional influence on the European dressage breeding and advanced level dressage sport for more than a decade and also left his invaluable genes for the future through his many approved sons and outstanding daughters.


The maternal granddam is also a stallion of note: Futuro by Furioso II who revolutionized sport horse breeding permanently in the 1960’s and 70’s. The great-grandsire is also an important figure in both breeding and sport – Magister, who was the undisputed winner of the Trakhener Stallion Licensing in 1965.

Dressage Royal’s damline has produced other successful sport horses – Firmament by Futuro (stallion in Belgium); winner of Oldenburg stallion licensing, Take me by Titus (total lifetime winnings DM 8.370,00); advanced level dressage horse, Bille Bong by Blue Grenadier xx (medium dressage level, total winnings DM 4.908,00); Framero by Freiherr (medium show jumping level, total winnings DM 7.290,00).


2011 Update:

Desperado OLD (age 8)won the PSG for young horses at Verden under his new owner and rider Carola Koppelman. There were several very famous and accomplished horse and rider combinations in their class, so it a lovely acheivement to have him back in the arena at such a high level. A full write up with lovely photographs can be found HERE.

Also participating in that same division was the licensed stallion son Damsey (age 9). He is also mentioned in the Eurodressage article along with several photographs.

Our own Don William WF was recently observed by an international rider and complimented on his power, elasticity and demeanor. It was their opinion that he is a horse for the uppermost level of competition. So with great excitement we at Watermark Farm are looking forward to what the future holds with our Dressage Royal offspring that are coming along so nicely.

2012 Update:

Our Dressage Royal crop of 2008 and 2009 is developing nicely. Dream Girl WF and Dreamcatcher WF are beginning their undersaddle training. They are proving to be quick learners, highly intelligent and extremely gifted as FEI prospects. Dolce Elise WF and Drummond WF continue to grow and develop in a positive manner with bright futures ahead.

Over in Germany Damsey and Desperado OLD competed in the Louisdor Prize in the CDN in Frankfurt (12/12) with good scores. They are both confirmed Grand Prix horses. UNO Don Diego competed Intermediare II successfully in Denmark prior to being sold to Iron Spring Farm here in the US. Doringcourt won the FEI World Challenge in New Zealand again with very good scores.

There are some lovely photographs from HERE of the Louisdor Prize Finals. Enjoy!


Damsey at the 2013 Private Stallion Show at Verden

Additional Offspring Images
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