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Able Spirit WF

The Mare

Prissy was named after our dear friend Priscilla Roosevelt – who had been very generous in assisting us in acquisition of Today I’m Trying. She was a magnificent mare with outstanding show ring presence, international quality movement and that extra “spark” that captured everyone’s attention wherever she traveled. Prissy’s personality was that of a true diva – she was often referred to as Princess, Empress or Queen depending on the day and her mood!

In contrast to her F1 lineage, Prissy was a robust mare with just enough of a TB phenotype to be considered a “modern” warmblood. At her height of fitness, she weighed in at 1678 lbs, so she was a big mare in every respect.

As a young horse, she campaigned in the dressage sporthorse breeding spectrum with unparalleled results. Prissy received the perfect score of 100 at numerous East Coast Breed Shows in the summer of 1983. At the season finale at Dressage at Devon, she was Reserve Champion mare with the following comment by the foreign judge – “no American could breed a horse this good.” At that point, Prissy was a full time riding horse for Emily, Anne and Bill.

After several months of patient coaching with Anne, Emily and Prissy embarked on a very successful dressage career together. Their first major triumph was winning the Pony Club National Championships in Lexington, KY in 1986. From there they joined the ranks of the North American Young Riders and were consistently invited to attend the Advanced Young Riders Clinics at the USET Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ. Top placings and FEI High Score awards grew to be a common occurance for this lovely pair. The standard of riding was quite high and at the time a 67% was a dream score &helip; one which she frequently attained.

After several very successful trips to the NAYRC in Chicago and Bromont, Canada with Emily, it was time for Prissy to teach Ellie the ropes of being a Young Rider. They qualified for the Region One Team in 1996 with scores in the mid-high 60s. Incidentally, they had a very good show at the qualifier at Gladstone in June and Prissy was bred to South American Way. She was confirmed in foal shortly there after and continued competing through Dressage at Devon with excellent scores and placings before she retired to the breeding shed at age 17.

Her daughters Sabrina WF (1996) and Savannah WF (1999) were both retained for breeding here at Watermark Farm. Her son Showtime WF (2001) was licensed for breeding in 2004, prior to being sold and going on to have a very successful career in the A hunters while based out of Persimmon Tree Farm. He campaigned with numerous Championships with his A/O owner and has since moved on to be a reliable competitor for the next generation in his family! Congratulations to Liz and Chester!

Her genetics continue onward today in our program through Sabrina’s offspring: Ruben WF (2004), Wei WF (2006), Wolfgang WF (2008), Wilson WF (2009) and Waldina WF (2010). As well as Savannah’s: Wyatt WF (2004), Don William WF (2007), Dream Girl WF (2008) and Dolce Elise WF (2009).

All of Prissy's descendants possess the 'IT' factor - they elevate the quality of their performance to an even higher level in front of an audience! The bigger the audience, the higher the quality in their already expressive movement. Their gaits are world class and they all are blessed with excellent bascule over fences combined with outstanding personalities.

ablespirityr ablespiritjog
1990 1993
ablespiritellie ablespiritjump
1995 1986

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Born April 13, 1979 at Watermark Farm
Height: 16.3½ hands (170 cm)
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In the mid 1980s, there was a new technology available to breeders – Embryo Transfer. Anne and Bill were persuaded to acquire several recipient mares and an Able Spirit/Dekor embryo was transferred successfully. However, the treating vet did not know the protocol for the recipient’s after care and regrettably the embryo did not survive.

In total, Prissy had 3 foals for Watermark Farm by South American Way.


Sabrina WF


Savannah WF


Showtime WF

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