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Wolfgang WF

The Colt

"Puck" is a wonderful gelding with one of the most grounded temperaments that has graced the farm to date. His sensible outlook on life makes him a barn favorite in all aspects.


2 Weeks

From the beginning, Puck has shown that he possesses all the power of the A line combined with Waldaire's wonderfully strong topline. We have enjoyed watching him grown and develop and eagerly anticipate having him join the riding horses in a few years.


July 2008

September 2010

July 2011

July 2011

June 2012


Happy horse!
Happy owner/rider/trainer!

Happy Breeders!


1 Day


4 Weeks


2 Days

Video Links

Foal Inspection Footage

Group Foal Video January 2009

September 2010 Video Clip

June 28, 2011 Video

July 22, 2011 Video

April 22, 2012 Video

Puck has a new family! Check back soon for photos!


June 2011 Video

July 2011 

April 2012

Puck's 1st Ride with his 15 year old owner!

Born May 19, 2008
Estimated mature height ~ 17.2+ Hands

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