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Today I’m Trying xx

The Mare

Today was a fixture here at the farm from the mid 70s to the beginning of 1990. She had a severe injury at the racetrack and was scheduled to run on a fused front fetlock before Fate intervened and brought her to eventually to Watermark Farm.

She was a mare who was rangey in type, strong willed and very prepotent for passing along above average jumping talent. One of the unique qualities that can be found (even in her great-grandchildren) is their ability to gauge the size of an audience and respond accordingly. The larger the venue, the better they are! We fondly refer to that quality as the “It Factor” as it makes a show horse just that little bit more brilliant.

Her offspring include: Able and Ready (1978), Able Spirit (1979), Dynasty WF (1983), Dynamite (1984), Detente (1986) and Double Bounce WF (1987). Both Able Spirit and Double Bounce competed into the FEI levels. Able Spirit and Dynasty joined the broodmare band in the mid-teens and have left us with lovely daughters to carry Today’s genes into future generations of fine riding horses.



There is a Facebook Album of her descendants HERE.

Born May 12, 1969 in California
Height: 16.3½ hands (169cm)
Offspring Photo Gallery

prissy DAD

Able Spirit WF



Double Bounce WF



Dynasty WF & Avebury WF


Able and Ready






Today had 12 foals for Watermark Farm. Several of them were sold into prestigious show homes and had their names changed. At that point, we lost track of them and have been unable to locate any surviving descendants.

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