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Dynasty WF

The Mare

Dynasty was a tall mare at 17.2 hands with a sculpted head and gentle nature. Like her dam, Today I’m Trying, she possessed exceptionally large ears, a strong nature and excellent gaits. Her ability to maintain a high level of self carriage is rarely matched. One would have expected such a large horse to make the earth shake as she passed by ... instead you could barely hear her in her travels.

Her personality was that of a total sweetheart. She did not believe that she was a large individual – she was sure that she could fit in your pocket and go where ever you might be headed.

She campaigned mainly in the jumpers with good success in the 4′3″ – 4′6″ divisions. Dynasty was a very sensitive rid; she was completely focused on her rider’s mood and center of balance. If the rider shifted off balance, she would carefully move back underneath her, so as to not lose her package. All in all, she was a responsible and kind horse to both ride and work around.

Her daughter All I Want (1997) was sold as a weanling into a competitive home. Son Atreo WF (1996) has enjoyed good success as a FEI dressage horse. Avebury WF (2001) was licensed for breeding in 2004 and continues to produce exceptionally typey, correct foals while moving up the ranks in Eventing under Ryan Wood. Her last foal, Alexis Carrington WF (2004), has been retained by Watermark Farm but is currently leased out to Persimmon Tree Farm in MD as she is campaigning as an A Show Hunter.

Dynasty's offspring are all clearly stamped with the proven (and time tested) D x R x A cross - they inherit her good nature (from Adamant), the athleticism of Duellant and the beauty of Ramses OX. Another trait that the riders of her get enjoy is the fact that these horses all have some of the softest and most lightfooted gaits that we've all ever sat upon. They are incredibly comfortable to sit and a joy over fences. We look forward to bringing Avebury and Alexis' offspring along in the future undersaddle.

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dynastyyearling dynasty2
1984 1985
dynasty1985 dynasty
1985 2001
alexismay2nd dy2004
2004 2004
Born April 21, 1983 at Watermark Farm
Height: 17.2 hands (178 cm)
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All I Want


Alexis Carrington WF


Atreo WF

Avebury WF

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