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Alexis Carrington WF

The Mare

Lexy has quite possibly been named for wrong person. For those who remember the TV show Dynasty, well, Alexis may not have been the most friendly, sweet natured and cuddly character ... but that is what this darling mare is. She wants nothing more than to make her rider happy and to please those who are working around her. She is so proud of her good behavior. This mare is a constant delight with a superb temperament.

She has excellent use of her hindquarters in all three gaits. Her movement is very lightfooted and balanced. As with so many of the Adamant offspring, Lexy has an impeccable sense of rhythm and good form over fences. At her foal inspection, Alexis was Site Champion and a First Premium Award recipient.

Her full brothers are no strangers to success. Avebury WF is carrying the family genetics onward for another generation, while Atreo WF continues to advance up the competition ladder with good results. Like Lexy, the two boys seek to keep the rider proud of their good manners and fine movement.

Unfortunately, we lost Lexy unexpected in 2011.



alexismay2 alexisjump alexistrot2
May 2, 2004 August 2009 2009
Born March 25, 2004 at Watermark Farm
Height: 17.2 hands (176 cm)
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