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Waverleigh WF

The Filly

"Izzy" is a natural born show horse! She adores an audience and is the first one to notice onlookers and go through her paces! Like her siblings, Izzy is correct in her conformation, grounded in temperament with that subtle flair that will make her a star in the show arena!

4 Days

2 Days

2 Days





Izzy has 2 full siblings - Wyncote WF (2007) and Westerleigh WF (2008), both of whom have been sold into A Hunter show homes. As has been true in this proven cross, Izzy continues to show elastic, powerful gaits and a charming personality.

Izzy is SOLD. Please contact Anne for more information.


1 Week

3 Weeks

August 2013

Born April 26, 2010
Estimated mature height ~ 17+ Hands

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