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Nobody Much xx

The Mare

Nobody Much was a smooth muscled, lean mare who passed her full genetic potential along to her offspring. At first glance, a casual observer might overlook her completely as she did not blossom until she was several months in foal.

Her kind and gentle nature made Nobody Much quite easy to work around and reinforced the irony of her name.

Her genetics continue onward in our program through breeding her son Again and Again to several high quality mares. He has proven to be an outstanding broodmare sire. To date, he has one licensed grand son, Wizard WF (2006), two stallion candidates in Dreamcatcher WF (2008) and Drummond WF (2009) and one great grandson, Aloysius WF (2009) who has earned the highest score for a homebred here at Watermark Farm. His granddaughters Wakanda WF (2005), Wylie WF (2006), Waterlily WF (2006), Wichita Rose WF (2007), Daylily WF (2007) are of exceptional quality – most especially their fabulous movement and gifts for the highest levels of dressage. Add in their excellent bascule over fences and their future is limitless thanks to Nobody Much.

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Born June 26, 1961 in Kentucky
Height: 16.1 hands (166 cm)
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Again and Again

Again and Again was born in the dressage community 20 years ahead of the acceptance of big movement. Throughout his competitive career he was marked down for possessing “too much movement.” The tragedy is that it has been acknowledged that had he been born in Germany, his average book would have been in the 100s of mares each year.

We are currently searching for images of Tiara (last known owner was Lendon Gray), Rushton and Jackie Blue.




Ruxton, Rushton, Jackie Blue and Tiara were all bred by Al Steiert. Rushton was a successful Working Hunter for many years. However, he was grossly overshadowed by Ruxton, who was National Working Hunter five times. Ruxton was a phenomenal jumper with an outstanding length of stride.

Jackie Blue was an international show jumper for the Canadian Olympic Team in 1984. His reputation was very good for helping to teach inexperienced riders about the larger courses.

Nobody Much had just one foal for Watermark Farm. Several of her other offspring were sold into prestigious show homes and earned the highest accolades that were possible at the time.

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