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Achtung Again WF

The Mare

Lily was born here at Watermark Farm in the spring of 1991. She was always a delight to work around and ride at any level. Her personality is that of the sweetest, kindest horse who wants nothing more than to please their person.

Lily campaigned through 4th Level Test 3 and was schooling much higher movements before an injury sidelined her competitive career. As her dam had been a treasured daughter of a prestigious steeplechase trainer’s breeding program, we were quite lucky to secure her valuable genetics for our breeding and riding program.

Her movement is balanced, ground covering with a good deal of suspension. It is worth mentioning that like her sire, Again and Again, Lily has an extremely free shoulder and terrific engagement of the hindquarters in all three gaits. Her jumping form is also very good with superb use of the knees and forearms and an excellent bascule.

We were forced to retire Lily from breeding in 2008 after losing her black Dressage Royal colt during a difficult delivery. Lily will live out her days here on the farm as “Auntie” to the young fillies as they mature in the big pasture. Her sensible nature allows her to mesh well with the youngsters and provides them with a good leader.

Her genetics will continue onward today in our breeding program through her daughters: Waterlily WF (2006) by Waldaire and Daylily WF (2007) by Dressage Royal. Both fillies are clearly stamped by their dam and we are eagerly anticipating their future careers undersaddle before they join our broodmare band. Their lovely temperament is a trait that has been transmitted from their granddam - Teasing Shadow who was a delight in the barn day in and day out. We were thrilled to have had the ability to retain a filly from Shadow as she was a treasured product from a 60+ year old breeding program with the valuable bloodlines of Sir George Gaylord, Palestinian, Royal Charger and Sir Gallahad III all within just 3 generations - good, sound, durable TB genetics that are so very difficult to access at this point in time.


Offspring Videos

achtungagain lilymay2009
1998 2004
lillystella stellalily
2007 2007
Born May 20, 1991 at Watermark Farm
Height: 16.2 hands (168 cm)
Offspring Photo Gallery


Waterlily WF (2006)


Waterlily WF in 2009




Daylily WF (2007)


Daylily WF in 2009



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