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Broodmares For Sale
With over 40 years of experience in raising, training and handling horses, we represent these mares as either proven producers of quality foals or prospective high quality foal producers based on their genetics. Please contact Anne to discuss your interest.

Southern Leigh WF

1997 16.3 hand Chestnut Mare
(South American Way xx out of Aurora by Abundance)

Price Category A: $2,500 – $10,000

Leigh is an excellent mother and pasture sound. She has an old injury to her right front fetlock but requires no medication or shoeing at this time.

Leigh's offspring inherit her inquisitive nature and elastic way of going. It is worth mentioning that she is one of the gems of the broodmare world in that she consistently outproduces herself - meaning her foals are of a higher quality than her outward appearance might suggest at first glance.

She does require a bit of extra effort to get in foal and full medical records will be disclosed to interested parties. She has had 5 foals out of 5 breeding years.


Currently open for 2012 (not bred in 2013).

48 Hours



Wallstreet Rose WF

1999, 15.3 hand Black mare
(Wallstreet Kid x Flashpoint xx by Flaming Rock)
Price Category A: $2,500 – $10,000

Gretta joined the broodmare herd in 2004. She was bred in South Carolina and joined our herd after a family illness forced them to part with their beloved homebred mare.

At her time of purchase, Gretta was schooling First Level and jumping small courses. Her grounded nature and good gaits made her a delightful acquisition for the breeding program. As one would expect with her illustrious Hanoverian bloodlines (Warkant, Eiger I, Perfeckt I, Grande) Gretta’s gaits are very scopey, cover the ground easily and she has a very free shoulder with good engagement of the hindquarters. Her jumping form is more than sufficient with plenty of power off the ground and tidy form over the fences.

From time to time we have elected to breed Gretta and still have hopes of breeding her with our treasured Again and Again frozen semen in the future. In 2007, she produced an excellent colt by Waldaire in Wall Street WF. Like his dam, “Hansel” is very grounded, easy to work around and very talented.

Her 2009 black colt by Waldaire did not survive delivery. We were heartbroken as he was a lovely fellow with long limbs, tasteful white markings and his dam's beautiful face. Gretta produced and outstanding filly by Waldaire in April 2010 and we have named her Windrose WF. Windrose received a score of 7.8 and a First Premium at her foal inspection. For her 2011 foal, we have chosen our junior stallion, Wizard WF as she has proven to cross so very well with his sire Waldaire and we have always dreamed of crossing her with Again and Again (Wizard's damsire).

In late April 2011, Gretta delivered a gorgeous black filly Wendolyn WF by Wizard! Little "Lynnie" earned a Premier score of 8.0 at her foal inspection and Reserve Site Champion title! She is one of the best foals Gretta has produced to date and we're thrilled to bits!

Gretta is back in light work and proving to be an easy and forward thinking ride. She is light off the leg and accepting of the rider's commands. She will need a bit of time to regain her figure but she is kind and sweet to work with on a daily basis.

Offspring Videos

June 2010



October 2006



April 2010

June 2010

Wendolyn WF 2011 filly


Amelia WF
Born May 23, 2002 at Watermark Farm
Height: 16.3 hands (169 cm)

Price Category A: $2,500 – $10,000

Amelia was born on a bright May morning with a cloudless sky. As she grew and developed it became apparent that her dam’s classic bloodlines had combined with the best of Again and Again’s talents.

Her personality is that of a self possessed and confident mare. Amelia has always known that she is special and without equal. Her slightly aloof nature is befitting that of royalty, so we are lucky indeed that she is so friendly!

Her dam, Aly Alice, returned to the breeding shed after a five year hiatus as a successful riding horse prior to Amelia’s birth. Amelia’s full brother, Artesian WF, had been progressing up the levels with little difficulty, so the decision was made to try for a filly. We were rewarded with sweet Amelia in 2002.

Amelia was under saddle briefly prior to joining the broodmare band in 2006. She showed greater talent and aptitude for upper level movements than her full brother, so breeding her was a foregone conclusion. We have been very pleased with her offspring thus far and she will be bred again in 2011.

Her genetics continue onward today in our riding and breeding program through her son and daughters: Wylie WF (2006), Wichita Rose WF (2007) and her Avebury WF son Aloysius WF (2009).

In 2012, Amelia is available for Embryo Transfer or on a Breeding Lease. Please contact Anne for more information.

artiehp artiepir
Full brother Artesian WF

Offspring Videos

amelia04 ameliatrot04
2004 2004
ameliarosie ameliaconf
2007 2009
amelialouietrot2 louieameliaface
2009 2009

All 2009 images courtesy of A & A Photography


Windrose, Waverleigh, Dolce Elise, Westerleigh, Wendolyn, Wallstreet Rose, Wei, Dream Girl WF

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