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Catherine Haddad-Staller Clinic
Clinic Information

We are pleased to offer our first Catherine Haddad-Staller Clinic here at Watermark Farm as part of her "Get Connected!" Tour. The clinic will be held Monday June 25th. Catherine has extensive knowledge and experience with what horses and riders need to master to become successful FEI horses! Her latest blog for The Chronicle of the Horse can be found HERE and is an inspiring philosophical look at what can happen along the path of training a horse.

The lessons are private sessions at 45 minute intervals. If you would like to learn more about Catherine, her philosophy and career as an international dressage rider and trainer, please go to her website, Facebook or blog. Alternatively, you can go to You Tube and see several examples of her riding in competition.

The clinic is open to riders of any level who are open to learning. Each rider will be asked to provide a short biography for both horse & rider that will be printed in the program in order to give everyone a bit of information about their background.

To sign up for the next available clinic, please download the Waiver and Clinic Form , fill them out and send them to Ellie. Space is limited and will be filled in the order in which completed forms and fees are received. Clinic Fees must be paid in full 7 days prior to the clinic date. No checks will be accepted after June 18th or on the day of the clinic (participants or auditors). Thank you for your understanding.

Riders are asked to be mounted on their horses 5-10 minutes prior to their assigned time and in the main arena at that time. Catherine likes to see the warm up for each participant.

Auditors are welcome at $40 per person per day. Auditors will be asked to sign in and provide their name, email and address in order to be kept in the loop for future clinics. (contact information will be kept private)

We are pleased to be hosting several professional services during the clinic. Stubben North America will be here on site with several saddles for your examination. The Fitter will also be able to discuss the latest innovations in is well worth the time to speak with Stubben as they have saddle options for every discipline, horse and rider.

Theault America will be on site as well with their fabulous Morpheus Eurostyle horsebox! If you would like to learn more about this high quality horse transport option from Theault, please stop by! Theault is a household name and travel option in Europe! This is a super opportunity to learn more about a different way to haul beyond a truck, trailer or gooseneck!

The American Warmblood Registry will also be on site with their founder and president Sonja Lowenfish here to answer any questions. Please feel free to speak to Sonja about the Registry and the fine international horses that it is producing!

Fee/Clinic Information:

$250 per horse/rider
Auditors - $40


9:30 Pat Thrasher & Beau
10:15 Ellie Rawle & Wyatt WF
11:00 Sara Gartland & Amelia
11:45 Lauren Annett & Savannah +/
12:30 Ellie Rawle & Wizard WF
1:15 Ange Bean & Statesman's Eclipse
2:00 Lara Hausken Osborne & Dixie

Additional Questions

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