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Watermark Farm On Site Clinic Sign Up Form


Name: ________________________ Horse: __________________


Contact #/Email: ________________________   Age: _________


Clinic Date: _______________________________


Preferred time: ____ AM ____ PM  _______ Other


Check One:


_______ Group   _______ Semi-Private _______ Private



Level of Experience (Horse): _____________________________________





Rider Experience: _____________________________________________________________




Clinic Goals: _____________________________________________________________




  Total Fees: $ ________________


Times will be posted on a direct link through the Watermark Farm Calendar Page ( the Wednesday prior to the clinic. Payment is due 7 days prior to the clinic date.


All participants will have to sign a Waiver upon arrival. Alternatively, the Waiver can be downloaded HERE, completed and faxed or emailed as an attachment to Watermark Farm (717) 529-6010,