(Calculated by FN in Germany) 


Breed Values DRESSAGE 2009 – TOP 1%

(BV = breed value, SA= safety assessment value). Stallions with a safety assessment value of 90% and more are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.


Breitling W, Hanoverian stallion by Bismarck (BV: 172 points, SA: 84%)  

DON SCHUFRO, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerhall (BV: 171 points, SA 94%)  

SIR DONNERHALL, Oldenburg stallion by Sandro Hit (BV: 171 points, SA: 93%)

Damon Hill, Westphalian stallion by Donnerhall (BV: 171 points, SA: 85%)

BELISSIMO M, Rhineland stallion by Beltain (BV: 169 points, SA: 94%) 

Dancing Dynamite, Westphalian stallion by Don Bedo I (BV: 168 points, SA: 86%)

Sancisco, Oldenburg stallion by Sandro Hit (BV: 165 points, SA: 85%)

MÜNCHHAUSEN, Trakehner stallion by Hohenstein (BV: 163 points, SA: 95%) 

Real Diamond, Hanoverian stallion by Rohdiamant (BV: 162 points, SA: 80%)

Wanthano H, Hanoverian stallion by Wolkentanz II (BV: 162 points, SA: 75%)

Welt Hit VI, Oldenburg stallion by Weltmeyer (BV: 161 points, SA: 74%) 

Dollmann, Westphalian stallion by Davignon II (BV: 160 points, SA: 86%)

LORD LOXLEY, Rhineland stallion by Lord Sinclair (BV: 159 points, SA: 90%)

FLORENCIO, Westphalian stallion by Florestan I (BV: 159 points, SA: 94%)

HOFRAT, Trakehner stallion by Gribaldi (BV: 159 points, SA: 93 %)  

Romanov Blue Hors, Oldenburg stallion by Rohdiamant (BV: 159 points, SA: 81%)

San Remo, Oldenburg stallion by Sandro Hit (BV: 158 points, SA: 87%)

DON PRIMERO, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerhall (BV: 157 points, SA: 98%)

HIS HIGHNESS, Hanoverian stallion by Hohenstein (BV: 157 points, SA: 96%)

Insterburg, Trakehner stallion by Hohenstein (BV: 157 points, SA: 86%)

Royal Blend, Hanoverian stallion by Rotspon (BV: 157 points, SA: 86%)

DR. JACKSON D, Württemberger stallion by Dream of Glory (BV: 156 points, SA: 91%)

Rhodes Scholar, Hanoverian stallion by Rohdiamant (BV: 156 points, SA: 84%)  

Jazz, Niederländisches Warmblood by Cocktail (BV: 156 points, SA: 76%)

DIAMOND HIT, Oldenburg stallion by Don Schufro (BV: 155 points, SA: 95%) 

Donnerball, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerhall (BV: 155 points, SA: 86%)

FÜRST PICCOLO, Rhineland stallion by Fidermark (BV: 154 points, SA: 97%)

Dressage Royal, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerhall (BV: 153 points, SA: 87%)

Dressmann, Hanoverian stallion by Daidalos (BV: 153 points, SA: 84%)

WOLKENTANZ, Hanoverian stallion by Weltmeyer (BZ: 152 points, SA: 98%) 

WELT HIT I O, Oldenburg stallion by Weltmeyer (BZ: 152 points, SA: 90%)

Daidalos, Hanoverian stallion by Dream of Glory (BV: 152 points, SA: 88%)

Don Rubin, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerschwee (BV: 152 points, SA: 84%) 

In Flagranti, Trakehner stallion by Buddenbrock (BV: 152 points, SA: 84%)

Pasolongo, Bayer stallion by Pacelli (BV: 152 points, SA: 79%)

DONNERHALL, Oldenburg stallion by Donnerwetter (BV: 151 points, SA: 99%)

RIVERO II, Bayer stallion by Rautenstein (BV: 151 points, SA: 96%)

MONTEVERDI, Trakehner stallion by Partout (BV: 151 points, SA: 92%) 

Laureus, Westphalien stallion by Laurentianer (BV: 151 points, SA: 89%)

Don Davidoff, Oldenburg stallion by Don Gregory (BV: 151 points, SA: 83%)